Nothing says America like a beautiful

Picket Fence

We offer many styles with the option of different size pickets as well as different height fence.



A true American classic.  Our Wallington style is a neighbor friendly picket fence that offers 3 inch pickets with 2 3/4 inch spaces available with a straight or scalloped top. 

Picket Fence.jpg

Lyndhurst Collection

Our Lyndhurst style is a maintenance free alternative to the traditional New England style cedar fence.​​

Lyndhurst I 

Picket Fence.jpg

This classic fence style has square pickets and an open top.  

Lyndhurst II

Picket Fence.jpg

The same look as our Lyndhurst I, with this style featuring an attractive straight scallop top.  

Lyndhurst III

Picket Fence.jpeg

Our Lyndhurst III screams class and elegance.  Similar to our Lyndhurst I offering but our Lyndhurst III features a regular scallop top similar to our Paramus style. ​

Hasbrouck Heights

Picket Fence.jpg

​Our Hasbrouck Heights is a simple and beautiful style which offers a closed top picket fence with a middle rail.  This beauty has 3" pickets and is available with a 2"spacing between each  picket.