Privacy Fence Styles

Mr. C.'s privacy fence does more than keep unwanted guests out. It keeps your loved ones safe, secure and protected on the inside. Our privacy fence is made from the finest and toughest material-it will last and so will your satisfaction!!

Saddle Brook

Private Fence Saddlebrook.JPG

Our Saddle Brook style is our top selling privacy fence.  This style comes with solid tongue and groove from top to bottom and offers complete privacy. 

Garfield Style

Private fence Garfield.jpg

Many local towns will not permit a 6 foot high privacy fence.  Our Garfield style affords the best of both worlds. 5 feet of privacy coupled with a foot of beautiful lattice.  We offer not only traditional lattice but square and mini-lattice as well.  Of course, we can make you a beautiful two-tone fence!                                                         

Trust us, your neighbors will love it!

Private fence Garfield 2.jpg
Garfield private fence 3.JPG

Paramus Collection

Our Paramus style also offers 5 feet of complete privacy topped with a beautiful picket design. We have 3 beautiful styles to choose from:

Paramus Scalloped Top

Private fence Paramus Scallop Top.jpg

​Another style of fence from Mr. C. that screams America!!  This style offers the same 5 bottom feet of complete privacy but with an amazingly beautiful scalloped picket top.

Paramus Straight Top

Our Paramus Straight Top style offers a solid tongue and groove bottom coupled with an open picket straight across the panel.

Paramas Fence Open Top.jpg

Paramus Closed Top

Paramus fence closed top.jpeg

The same as our Open Top offering but this comes with 5 feet of solid tongue and groove below with a closed picket top.